Oak Orchard River Bass Anglers

Oak Orchard River Bass Anglers

July 2019 Newsletter


Our last club meeting was held on 6/20/19 with 6 club members in attendance.  The Secretary and Treasurer reports were accepted as presented.

We briefly discussed the fact that NY BASS Nation is not communicating with member clubs.  We still haven’t been notified of the format that will be used at the 2019 CTC.

We also discussed the results of our first tournament held on 6/15/19 at Conesus Lake.  Mike Clark recorded his third club tournament victory with a 5 bass limit weighing 14# 03.  I caught the tournament lunker, a largemouth weighing 4# 15.  Congrats to Mike for win number 3!! 

The 2019 AOY point standings are identical to the Conesus Lake #1 tournament results with Mike leading the way in 1st place.  The Lunker of the Year is the 4# 15 that I caught at Conesus Lake.

Presently there are 17 members entered in the 2019 Five Pounder Pool.  Since I missed winning the pool by one stinking ounce at the first tournament, the pool will be worth at least $148 at our second Conesus Lake tournament on 6/29/19.

Members were reminded of our next tournament on 6/29/19 at Conesus Lake.  We will be going out of the state launch and the tournament hours are safe light until 2pm.

With no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8pm.

On June 29th we held our second point tournament of 2019 at Conesus Lake.  Beanie Leuer collected his 13th club tournament victory with a limit weighing 15# 13.  Congrats, Bean!!  Beanie and Bob Baylor shared the lunker prize.  Bean and Bob each caught a largemouth weighing 4# 07.  That was not good news for Al Goda Jr. or Tom Fumia, who both weighed in a largemouth bass weighing 4# 06!

Mike Clark maintained his lead in the AOY point standings with his second 14 plus pound limit at Conesus.  My 4# 15 largemouth still leads for Lunker of the Year.

Our next point tournament is July 20th at Honeoye Lake.  With 18 club members now entered in the 5# Pool, the pool will be worth at least $188 at Honeoye.

The next regular club meeting is Thursday, July 18th, 7pm at Jr. Wilson’s.  I’ll see you there.

Let the games continue!!

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