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Oak Orchard River Bass Anglers

May 2019 Newsletter


Since only 2 members showed up for the club meeting in April, the meeting was cancelled.  Thanks to Ray Meller and Rick Von Kramer for attending.

By the time we hold our May club meeting, several members’ boat insurance policies will have expired.  This is a reminder that the club must have current, up-to-date proof of insurance on your boat before the start of tournament season.

The club is accepting entries into the 2019 Five Pounder Pool.  Cost is $12 per member for the season.  Entry is optional, but to win the pool, you must be in it.  The pool will start at $80 which carried over from 2018.  Entry fees can be paid at any club meeting. 

I have received no word from NYBCF concerning the vote on the tournament format for the 2019 CTC.  I have also been unable to find minutes of the January and March NYBCF meetings on either Facebook or NYBCF’s web site.  The entry form for the 2019 CTC is also not yet available.  I do know that the entry fee for the 2019 CTC has risen from $360 to $420.  If team members have questions concerning arrangements for our 2019 CTC team, they should direct them to team captain, Harry Stringfellow.  

Our next club meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 16th, 7pm at Jr. Wilson’s. 

Time to get the boats out!

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